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Aladdin Schools

Management Information System (MIS)

Headteachers, simplify administration for all school staff and have better and more accessible information to lead learning.

Free yourself from legacy technology, save money, innovate and raise standards.

Includes detailed pupil profiles, attendance, statistics, year group management, tracks progress/ attainment, documents, mail merge, money collections, government census reports, integration with Google Apps for Education and more.


Pupil Profiles

Up-to-date pupil records including historical progress, teacher notes, attendance, behaviour and test results.

Attendance Tracking

Electronic daily register and attendance statistics including most absent students and alerts.

Staff Collaboration

e-Noticeboard, email and text, document sharing, calendar, reporting.

School Statistics

Year group management, admissions, end of year progression.

Text Messaging

Text all parents, year groups, after school groups, staff or board, with delivery receipts and a record of all texts sent.


Track and report progress to national curriculum levels at pupil, year group or at school level.

Term Reports

Custom school report cards, teachers comment bank, approval process for generating term report cards.

Government Reports

Generate Census data for government at required periods.

Mail Merge

Send form letters out to parents/groups. Print labels.

Money Collections

Track payments for school trips / after school activities.

Google Apps Integration

Single sign-on. Makes adding users and sharing Google Apps docs, calendars and email much simpler.