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The Story So Far...

Cloudware utilise Google technologies to deliver cost effective, next generation education management systems that enable policy-makers and school leaders to provide a world class education to primary school children.

In 2010, Cloudware adapted emerging Google cloud technologies to create Aladdin Schools, a competitively priced, easy to use Management Information System (MIS) for Irish primary schools. In spite of the deep recession, Aladdin is now widely adopted in primary schools of every size and type around Ireland. Over 10,000 teachers, secretaries, principals and governing bodies use Aladdin daily to simplify administration and lead learning.

World class software development expertise, significant cost savings and Google Apps integration put Cloudware to the forefront of innovation in the education sector.

Cloudware are focused on providing the best technology available to help teachers and school leaders every step of the way to engage children in self improvement and lifelong learning. Cloudware provides:

  • Cost savings
  • Cloud technology
  • Google Apps for Education integration
  • Education focus

Cloudware are bringing Aladdin’s innovative and cost effective primary school solutions to international markets in 2012.

Cloudware solutions:

  • Aladdin Schools

    Management Information System (MIS): Free yourself from legacy technology, save money, innovate and raise standards; our MIS is purpose built to give time back to Primary School Headteachers and provide better information to lead learning and to simplify administration for all school staff. Includes detailed pupil profiles, attendance, statistics, year group management, documents, progress/attainment, mail merge, money collections, government census reports, integration with Google Apps for Education and more.

  • Aladdin Primary

    Engage learning and transform communication with staff, governors, parents and pupils and save money on MIS add-ons. Integrates with legacy or Aladdin Schools MIS. Includes web access to MIS, Staff e-Noticeboard, Email, Text messaging, Report Cards, Pupil e-Learning/VLE, Parent Portal, Governors Portal, School Blog, integration with Google Apps for Education and more.

  • Aladdin Vision

    Government/Local Education Authorities; save money without compromise. Deploy future proof cloud solutions to manage, communicate with, train, support and enhance learning in primary schools and inform government strategy and planning in education. Includes next generation MIS, VLE, ID, CRM and Helpdesk software, integration with Google Apps for Education, services and support.