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Aladdin Primary

Cloud based, Cost effective, Communication and Collaborative Learning Tools

Primary School communication and collaboration tools. Engage learning and transform communication with staff, governors, parents and pupils and save money on MIS add-ons.

Integrates with legacy or Aladdin Schools MIS.

Includes web access to MIS, Staff e-Noticeboard, Email, Text messaging, Planning, Report Cards, Pupil e-Learning/ VLE, Parent Portal, Governors Portal, School Blog, integration with Google Apps for Education and more.


School in Your Pocket

Access MIS information via your smart phone or web browser.

Staff e-Noticeboard/Email

Convenient for announcements, planning or encouraging staff collaboration.


Store, share and edit planning, curriculum and policy documents with staff.

Report Cards

Create, edit, build a comment bank and print term report cards.

Pupil e-Learning/VLE

View messages, resources, homework or assignments set by the teacher and submit work online. Year/group project collaboration*.

Parent Portal

Check child’s progress, attendance, notices from School/Teacher, update personal contact information, view all school texts, emails and notices, contact other parents.

Governors Portal

Store, share and edit documents/school calendar. Collaborative document editing, email and calendar*.

School Blog

Makes updating your school website/Year group blog as simple as creating a notice in your Aladdin e-Noticeboard.

Google Apps Integration

Single sign-on. Makes adding users and sharing Google Apps docs, calendars and email much simpler.

Text Messaging

Text all parents, year groups, after school groups, staff or board. Includes delivery receipts and a record of all texts sent.

*requires Google Apps for Education integration